Google AdWords [Graded Blog]

Taking a last look at H&M, I am utilizing google adwords to obtain a few unknown facts about their site search results. Google adwords allows you to type in a keyword, webpage, or product category and see the search results on that particular name. The search I performed was on also using H&M as a keyword and apparel as a product category.

Most successful search term:


  • 1,220,000 avg. monthly searches
  • Low competition
  • $0.15 suggested bid

Relevant phrases:

Below is a screen shot of the most relevant phrases used as keywords for H&M


The “best” keywords:  

h&m clothing

•           22,200 avg. monthly searches

•           Low competition

•           $0.07 suggested bid

H&m store locator

•           27,100 avg. monthly searches

•           Low competition

•           $0.59 suggested bid

# of searches globally and locally per month:

Currently h&m has 1,220,000 avg. monthly searches in the United States. Expanding that territory to the world brings them in at 11,100,000 avg. monthly searches.

Monthly changes in search patterns:

It appears as though the monthly changes in search patterns depend on the season. During the beginning of the year there was a steady flow of searched followed by a decrease around January. Towards February, a slight increase occurred which remained steady until the beginning of summer which resulted in a decrease. At the end of summer a drastic increase occurred leading towards October. This could in part be due to the sale periods that retail stores participate in. Peak sales occur at the end of summer, around black Friday, and after Christmas but before New Year’s.


The most expensive keyword:

Of the more relevant keywords, h&m gift card comes in at #1 for the most expensive keyword topping the charts at $1.15 as the suggested bid.

 Keywords I would use:

I would utilize keywords that contained the brand name as well as subcategory’s we use such as

  • H&m clothing
  • H&m sore
  • H&m usa
  • H&m online shopping

SEO Optimizer Evaluation:

The SEO Optimizer came up with 7 things that could improve on. They are as follows

  • Fix character encoding
  • Make a better meta description
  • Check all images for ALT attribute
  • Make your HTML code less messy
  • Add more valuable content to your website
  • Distinguish your keywords with strong and bolds
  • Optimize the number of external links

Overall these are things that could easily be corrected if noted. It starts with the H&M staff acknowledging outside resources like SEO to optimize their domain utilization.


Google Alerts [Graded Blog]

After signing up for Google alerts for H&M, I waited two days to give an accurate analysis of the alerts and their content. Alerts came on a daily basis but contained a number of alerts. For November 19th I received an email titled Google Alerts- H&M. Inside the email informed me that I had received 12 alerts regarding H&M. The alerts were split into three different categories: News, Blogs, and web. Similarly, on November 18th I had received an email stating there were 9 new results also including news, blogs, and web.  All information provided was pretty positive [mentioning store openings, giveaways, promotional events, and fashion news]. The information was attained from various outlets throughout the web. Much of the news results were from news sites like bizbash, investorplace, and New York Times. Blog information was obtained from various blogs hosted by outside sources. The web result came directly from the H&M web page. The distribution of this information is very useful to H&M because it promotes brand awareness. Consumers can now receive information from outside sources and relate it back to the brand as opposed to receiving information directly from H&M. I felt that to some people this service may be useful but I don’t find it necessary to receive notifications from both H&M and Google alerts. Much of the information contained in the alerts I found on the H&M website and in emails that they had previously sent me.

Primal Branding: H&M and The Community They Have Established [Graded Blog]


As a lover of fashion I feel obligated to provide the blogging community with good solid information about companies that I swear by. Based on previous posts you all have seen me state that I am a loyal customer of H&M. Now, I have come to realize that you can shop in a store all your life giving them thousands of dollars and not know one fact about the company you are supporting. Would you stand by a company that performs unethically? It is important to really look into the company’s we generously purchase from to see if they represent who we are as a consumer and what we believe in. So here continues my journey, a journey of exploration through the ins and outs of H&M. I was introduced to a video on YouTube titled “How To Build Community Around Your Brand”. The content revolves around Patrick Hanlon, the author of “Primal Branding: Create Zealots for Your Brand, Your Company, and Your Future” and his 7 aspects of the primal code. Primal branding is basically the process of building a community. Let’s look at how well H&M has utilized the 7 aspects of the primal code.

It is important for me to state that all information collected came directly from H& as well as the YouTube video “How To Build Community Around Your Brand”.

1. Creation Storyhow you started

In 1947 Erling Persson, the founder of Hennes opened the first store in Västerås, Sweden. At that time the only items sold were women’s clothing [hence the translation of Hennes being her in Swedish]. The store did not change its name from Hennes to H&M [short for Hennes & Mauritz] until Mr. Perssons acquisition of Mauritz Widforss, a hunting and fishing equipment store, in 1968. Following the addition, men’s and children’s clothing were added to the list of available merchandise.

2. The Creedwhat your about, what you believe and stand for

H&M states that their business concept is to “offer fashion and quality at the best price. For us, this includes that we want to do business in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable” They have adopted and implemented seven commitments that they work hard to achieve. They are as follows:

1. Provide fashion for conscious customers

2. Choose and reward responsible partner

3. Be ethical

4. Be climate smart

5. Reduce, reuse, recycle

6. Use natural resources responsibly

7. Strengthen communities

 3. The iconsquick concentrations that show who you are, can involve all the senses

It’s quite hard to not be familiar with the big bright H&M sign hanging outside of ever store but if you don’t know what it looks like here is a visual.


For me their icon is just as noticeable as the McDonalds golden arches. It is large, always the color red, and simplistically displays their logo.

4. The Ritualsthe experiences you want to create when people interact with your company and your product

H&M’s site itself doesn’t directly express any rituals that they partake in but being a customer I can acknowledged rituals that take place when I interact with the company and its products. Displays are always up to date with trends in fashion and store availability. The sales clerks are friendly, fashionable, and more than willing to assist customers showing the emphasis on good customer service. Certain locations receive new shipments of merchandise every day to keep stores stocked and up to date for the satisfaction of their clients. A new ritual implanted quite recently is the availability to order online in the US. It has made shopping at H&M very convenient.

5. The Sacred Wordshow you talk about yourself, the language of the company

While on my search for information about H&M I kept noticing that certain words seemed very repetitive.  Design, quality and sustainability are key words that represent who H&M is as a brand. They also place great emphasis on the understanding that they “should always offer inspiring fashion with unbeatable value for money”.

6. The Nonbelieverspeople that help show who you don’t want to be, Pagans are you opposites – who you are not.  It is important to not just define who you are, but defining who you are not is a very powerful branding message.

Most of H&Ms focus is on displaying very clearly to the public who they are. While I did not find a direct statement of who they believe that aren’t, I did see something that in addition to the previous information I stated defines who they are. Their site states “Quality is a central topic, from initial idea to final product. It is our aim to always exceed our customers’ expectations on quality”. While many clothing company’s provide us with products, the quality of the product doesn’t always live up to our expectations as consumers. It’s nice to know that H&M is a brand that cares about exceeding expectations

7. The Leaderbill gates, Oprah, Steve jobs (people responsible for pulling all 7 pieces of the primal code together)

While leaders come in different forms I found it important to introduce two leaders of H&M and the roles they play in holding the brand together as well as pulling the primal code together. Karl-Johan Persson is the current CEO of H&M. he was born in 1975 and has been the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of H & M since July 1, 2009. He states that “Fashion is and remains a form of self-expression. I’m proud to know that we play a part in that. We want to help people create their personal style and love what they buy for several seasons. And we want to make it easy for them to choose more sustainable fashion and to take care of their clothes in a conscious way.” Outside of top management there is a woman and a team behind her that really get the job done when it comes to Design. Ann-Sofie Johansson is the Head of Design and is responsible for guiding a large and diverse team. The team represents “different age groups and nationalities that draw inspiration from every corner of the globe and a wide variety of sources. From art, cinema, magazines and music to street fashion, trade shows and trend seminars”. Ann-Sofie Johansson states “I think our customers expect us to act in a responsible and sustainable way in everything we do; and, of course, they want us to continue offering fashion basics and the latest designs, made with respect for people and planet, at an affordable price.”

After conducting this analysis I began to see why H&M has such a strong community. They represent so many of us and the brand is built on principles any consumer would be pleased with. They truly have something for everyone and this is purposely done because they operate with us in mind. I will forever remain loyal to this brand because I feel like I am a part of their community.

Visit for more information on this brand.

Lanvin versace Viktor & rolf las vegas

Photos: Lanvin for H&M, Versace for H&M, Viktor & Rolf for H&M, H&M Las Vegas

Brand You: Robyn Rihanna Fenty


This beauty has graced the screens of millions and whether you like her or not her name is one you will never forget. Rihanna [as we all know her to be] has seen her life go from humble beginnings to sitting on top of the world with an “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude. Her actions aren’t always the best and she’s not the role model parents around the world had hopped for her to be but who really cares anyway!! She’s hot, she badass, and she rocks every stage she steps foot on. While on instagram the other day I came across some new promo pictures Rihanna had posted. Now, they are a bit racy and one even shows a nipple [which was conveniently covered by a logo] but they are still high fashion and over the top rebellious. I love people that aren’t afraid to be free and do whatever makes them happy; that is an attribute Miss Fenty embodies. If your looking for her you can find her @badgalriri

P.S guys leave Chris Brown alone. They are over it, the public should be as well

bad1 bad2 bad3 bad4

H&M Under an Investigative Eye [Graded Blog]


I am sure you are familiar with the ever so popular retail store H&M. They are a global fashion company that prides itself on providing fashion and quality at the best price. I am a fan and loyal customer who believes in their brand and what they represent. While my love for the company is strong, my knowledge of their statistics is weak. This post represents my opportunity to investigate H&M on a deeper level seeing beyond the exterior. The data I found was interesting to me and I hope you find it interesting as well.

Below you will find a compilation of data collected by three different agencies in regards to The data provided was listed on the Alexa, Compete, and Quantcast web pages.

What is the website traffic?  456,538 for the month of august

What are the changes in traffic (increase in the last week, month, etc.): There was an increase of 48% from the previous month

Website Ranking,  Globally 1,026, in Germany 187

Number of sites linking in? 26,651 ex. Google, YouTube, yahoo, Wikipedia

Demographics of consumers using the site? The audience demographics depicts that users are mostly female with a college education browsing from their work environment

What keywords were used to find the site: h&m, hm, h and m, h und m, h et m

What country are users from? Majority of users are from Germany making up 20% of visitors followed by 19% united states. Other country’s make up less than 8% of visitors individually.

What subpages are they visiting within the domain, Main page 97.92%, Career page 1.79%, About page 1.47%

Load time for site: Very fast at 0.851 seconds, 80% faster than other sites

Compare the websites traffic against its competitors, According to Compete, ranks 4th place in competitive rank of unique visitors. Ahead of them in order of ranking is,, and

What is the clickstream: 6.89 daily [down 5.75%]

 Bounce rate: 12.80% [up 15.00%]

Other information? 23.70% of visitors come from a search engine; daily time spent on the site is 7 min and 52 seconds

While Compete and Quantcast mainly focus on unique visitor ratings, Alexa hosts a detailed list of data collection. Theirs site includes information pertaining to:

  • The popularity of a website
  • How engaged visitors are
  • Who visits the site/ site demographics
  • Where do these visitors come from (search engine related)
  • What sites link to this site
  • What sites are related to this site
  • Visitors navigation once on the site
  • How fast the website loads
  • Where you can find more information about the site

Each site visited provided variation between each other’s data. All three have a rating listed for but none of the ratings match each other. Compete ranks by it’s unique visitors giving it a 2,013 rating. Alexa ranks it globally at 1,026. They also provide a rating for the country the is most prevalently used [Germany] coming in at 187. Quantcast ranks at 3,743 but I’m not sure how accurate their information is because the site provides a caution messages stating the information is not qualified and the data is estimated. Both Compete and Quantcast utilized the word unique when calculating monthly visits but their numbers vary tremendously. While Quantcast estimates 456.5k (US), Compete estimates a whopping 1,094,482 representing US data only. I believe these site information varies because they are estimates handled by different companies. I would be more inclined to deal with the information provided by Alexa because it has the most specific and detailed data. Compete and Quantcast were very vague and their numbers varied so much it was hard to decide whose information to go with. One of the most confusing data displays was Quantcast’s lifestyle tab. It listed different categories that audiences also liked but did not deliver their findings in an easily comprehended way.